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If you have hard time falling asleep and waking up when you actually need to, you may have circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Particularly our body clock regulates the daily rhythm of temperature and also the hormone levels when combined with other factors like meals, exposure to light and exercise signals you for the time to sleep in the night and awake in the day. Sometimes the rhythm gets off resulting in poor sleep and daytime drowsiness. Buy Ambien online next day delivery from the convenience of your home and get fast delivery.

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder:

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) is one among circadian rhythm sleep disorder. In this type of disorder, the person’s sleep is delayed by 3 to 6 hours when compared to conventional times. DSPD is typically characterized by the inability to fall asleep at the desired time and awaken at socially acceptable time.

When allowed to sleep according to preferred sleep schedule, these patients depict sleep of normal quality and duration and maintain a stable (delayed) association with the entertainment with twenty-four hour sleep-wake pattern. Order Ambien online and get sleep in a socially acceptable manner.

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Prevalence and Consequences of DSPD:

The prevalence in the general population is unknown. It typically occurs in adolescents and young adults with the approximate prevalence of seven percent in this population. DSPD may result in irritability during daytime. It leads to poor performance in exams in young generation and bad job performance, marital problems or financial difficulty in adults. Moreover, conflicts also arise in the family where a person is suffering from DSPD.

Risk Factors:

The exact etiology of DSPD is unknown but various mechanisms have been proposed. Delayed sleep and wake time may result due to circadian endogenous system but it is also governed by environment, individual’s behavior as well as exposure to societal pressure. Few studies have reported of link between DSPD and personality and mood disorders. Buy Ambien online next day delivery and get speedy delivery every time.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

All the circadian rhythm sleep disorder requires clinical assessment including complete sleep history. The analysis of the person is done by analyzing the sleep-wake schedule for about a week with the help of actigraph or sleep log. It helps in identifying the delay in the timing of habitual sleep period. Polysomnography is effective in assessing DSPD and also rule out other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

The treatment is designed to typically align the person’s circadian rhythm according to desired sleep-wake cycle. If your doctor recommends you to take Ambien then you can place the order online. Buy Ambien online overnight delivery from our reliable drug store and get doorstep delivery.

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